Spatial Medium is a multidisciplinary design studio that helps enterprises, entrepreneurs, and leaders create experiences that shift perspectives and transform social spaces.

Our mission is to design an equitable, resilient, and profitable future for our clients, collaborators, and communities.

What we do.

We design spaces and experiences that benefit and matter to their communities, employees, and stakeholders.  We give our clients creative strategy to help them elevate, grow, and sustain their mission, impact, and profit.  


We recognize you.

You are a pioneer. An innovator. A solution seeker.

You have a deep desire to transform the status-quo, make lasting change, and inspire new realities.  You believe in the power of new paradigms to spark and create sustainable business and culture - they are always intertwined - and you want to lead by example.

That item on your bucket list, to make the world a better place?

We can help with that.

Our work lies at the intersection of architecture, empathic design, and business development with heavy focus on social justice.  With over 18 years of observing and operating between disciplines, frameworks, and philosophies, we provide our clients with curated strategy to see new opportunities, connect ideas, and create experiences that benefit and matter to everyone they serve - employees, stakeholders, and communities alike.

Join us, we're happy you're here.