You are a pioneer. An innovator. A solution seeker. 

While you successfully manage the details of day-to-day goals, long-term vision and sustainability of your business or organization keeps you up at night. 

You have a deep desire to transform the status-quo,make lasting change, and inspire new realities.  And you want to lead by example.

That item on your bucket list, to make the world a better place?

We can help with that.


Spatial Medium is a multidisciplinary design studio that helps social enterprises, entrepreneurs, and leaders tell stories that shift perspectives and transform public spaces.

We create experiences at the intersection of design, business, and social change to create a resilient and profitable future for our clients, collaborators, and communities. 

Our mission is to co-innovate solutions to the world's most pervasive issues, support activist efforts across industries, make space for marginalized communities, and amplify voices struggling to be heard.  



We produce spaces and experiences that spark inspiration, educate, and delight.

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We make visible patterns, strengths, and opportunities to move projects forward.


Our clients

Our clients are those interested in sparking and creating sustainable culture.  Unafraid of informed risk-taking, they know that sometimes adapting along the path is needed to continue the longer journey.

We have created experiences for:

corporate offices | co-working spaces | Educational institutions

Health + Wellness practitioners | public libraries | Performance artists + theaters

Retail brands | Science + Tech companies | small business owners

Project types

With a background in architecture and design, a passion for studying cultural systems and human psychology, and a desire to tell great stories, our projects range in scope, size, and type.  Whether your space is a 10,000ft warehouse or a 6-week digital course, we've got you covered.

We work in the following spaces:

Brick + mortar

Physical spaces and experiences that inspire, educate, and support your end users.


Workbooks, manuals, pitches, and presentation slide decks that communicate your service offerings.


Temporary environments for conferences, workshops, mobile services, etc, that connect on multiple levels.

physical product

Prototyping workshops, user testing strategy, and customer journey maps to understand product impact.


Praise for our work

Understanding specific challenges with limited context, strategic direction, and how to design a tool that improves the whole community - these are rare skills, and ones that Valerie displayed throughout our work together.
— JD Godchaux, Executive Director,
Valerie is a multi-talented creative, who not only finds solutions to design problems that arise during a project but also has the foresight to predict and avoid situations before they become issues.
— Julia Weems, Director Escuela Moda en IED Barcelona,
Valerie is an enthusiastic partner who is eager to provide out-of-the-box solutions and creative problem solving that focuses on profitability. She is quick and passionate in the development of entrepreneurial ideas and marketing tactics. It was a pleasure to work with such a bright and supportive team member!
— Lisa Flannery, Founder, PHYN Surfwear
Having worked with Valerie on the Clinic Relocation project my experience has left me with nothing but appraisal for her work and managerial capabilities. She managed a diverse design team through tight deadlines and successfully delivered on all sectors of her responsibilities. Her down to earth character in combination with her passionate personal engagement with the project, influenced and inspired us to push through.
— Nikolaos Patsopoulos, INTRAKAT Constructions, S.A.