Creative Strategy Sessions

Help! I cannot see my way around this problem…


We’ve absolutely been there. Those moments you bang your head against a metaphorical (or real, we don’t judge) wall. There must be a way around this that you just.cannot.see. You make connections and revelations all the time for others, why is this so hard? And if you’re anything like us, your frustration builds because you want this issue off your to-do list NOW. But once you enter the cycle of being too close to the problem to get clarity or perspective, nothing else moves forward either. And then you’re really stuck.

Let us get you un-stuck! We help tackle those persistent issues that seem to evade you time and time again.  Not to mention the ones that come fast and furious from left field. Or those that, simply, suck.


Architects are trained to see things not yet visible - whether that involves transforming an empty space into something you can see, touch and experience, or re-purposing what already exists. What Valerie was trained to do when it comes to physical spaces, she does, with ease, for entrepreneurs. In my case, she helped me connect the dots so that I could more clearly identify the prospects and clients who are truly ready for my behavioral-based financial coaching process. Game-changer!
— Jacquette M. Timmons, financial behaviorist and author of "Financial Intimacy"


Quick Shift Sessions

Schedule a 60-minute session with our Founder and Principal, Valerie Farber, about your creativity blocks, stalled professional objectives, and nagging personal worries.  (In our experience, they are often connected and intertwined.)

Find yourself with specific challenges in design, communications, programming, or profitability models?  She's definitely our go-to for revealing unconventional and innovative solutions in these arenas. 

Together you will connect unseen dots and map creative strategies for moving forward with clarity, confidence and ease - regardless of obstacles.


What folks are saying…

Photo courtesy of the Centre for Social Innovation

Photo courtesy of the Centre for Social Innovation

I met Valerie during a breakout session at a recent networking event. While there, we each had to present a business issue or problem and then the rest of the group would come up with ideas on how to solve this issue. Within just a few minutes time of me presenting my issue, Valerie deftly and intelligently assessed the basis of the problem and began to present multiple solutions and strategies to not only fix it, but the consequent effects that would possibly arise. I did not know until afterwards that Valerie was working as a strategist, but upon this discovery, I realized that it is an absolute perfect fit. Valerie is not only a knowledgeable strategist, she is adept at establishing trust, has a gift for sussing out the intricacies of an obstacle, translating those into clear points that can then be addressed with any of her inventive and solid solutions that then lead to great progress. I highly recommend Valerie Farber.
— Sharon Epperson, Simply Natural Clothing
Valerie is an enthusiastic partner who is eager to provide out-of-the-box solutions and creative problem solving that focuses on profitability. She is quick and passionate in the development of entrepreneurial ideas and marketing tactics. It was a pleasure to work with such a bright and supportive team member!
— Lisa Flannery, Founder, PHYN Surfwear
Photo courtesy of Tori Sparks

Photo courtesy of Tori Sparks

Working with Valerie changed the way I work for the better! Valerie helped with strategic visioning and message management about major deliverables on a project. She helped me craft the “story” and the “pitch” and worked with me to think about how to connect it with audiences both visually and orally. Her work helped me craft new processes for my own storytelling and leverage the strengths that I have to better communicate in the future. She is a truly gifted coach, consultant, and communicator!
— Gina Neff, Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow at Oxford Internet Institute